Instagram the popular photo-sharing application has now become more focused on its video streaming feature. The Facebook-owned company now tries to attract users towards watching videos. The video streaming feature on Instagram may annoy users as they have to manually click on every video and enable its sound.

To ease the user’s task of watching videos and eradicate the need of manually tapping every video, a new feature has been introduced. The videos on Instagram will now be autoplayed along with sound once the user opens the app. Also, these videos will keep autoplaying until the app is closed.

The revamped Instagram will ease the user’s task of watching videos as they will be autoplayed. Many users have come across this feature and reported that this is something useful. Later on, the company confirmed that they have launched the feature which can autoplay the videos with sound that appears on the users feed.

The working of this feature is quite simple. Once the user opens the Instagram app all the videos appearing in their feed will be autoplayed without sound. If the user turns on the sound then all the videos thereafter will be played along with the sound. This will continue until a user closes the app.

Similarly, if a user wishes to disable the sound then they can just do the same for one video and rest all the video will be played on mute mode. Hence the changes done in one video will be reflected in all other videos until the app is open.

But one should note that this is not a smart feature. Once the sound for one video is enabled then all the videos thereafter will be played with sound and vice versa. Hence the users need to be careful while playing sensitive content in public.

One of the drawbacks of autoplay feature is that all the ads will be played automatically along with the videos. This may disappoint users and consume more data. Thus this feature will be beneficial for the advertisers. All the Instagram features like Instagram Stories, photo sharing, and now autoplay videos will attract the users towards itself.

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