Google Finally Adds The Most Needed Feature For Gmail To Make It Smarter

Google is making its popular email service platform a smarter one. Gmail service was launched back in 2004 and today many big organizations and individuals use this platform for their business as well as individual needs. To enhance the functionality of this app, Google has added a smart replies feature. This was a much-needed feature which should have been added much before.

The smart replies feature for Gmail has been rolled out to the app as well as for the web-based Gmail platform. This feature can smartly identify the addresses, phone numbers, contacts and provide hyperlinks to this fields. These identified things will be converted into hyperlinks.

By adding hyperlinks to these things, the respective app will be launched. For instance, if a user clicks the hyperlink stating a phone number than this feature will call that number if the user is using Gmail app on his smartphone.

Similarly, if a user clicks on the hyperlink stating someone’s address that Gmail will launch the Maps app. This will reduce the user’s task of searching for the address or dialing any number which is mentioned in the email.

If a user clicks on the hyperlink stating the email address of someone then the message window will be launched where a user can send an email. This is a much-needed feature which can reduce the users typing time as well it can ease the user’s task.

The smart replies along with the hyperlinks feature have been launched for both the Android and iOS platforms. This feature will work with the Gmail mobile app as well as for the web-based Gmail version. Hence all the task like searching for an address, replying to someone’s email, dialing a phone number can be done by just a single click.

Smart replies and hyperlinks are the basic features but why it was not launched earlier is the main question. For now, this feature will work for an email address, phone number, and contacts. Whether Google will expand the feature of smart replies and hyperlinks to other fields or not is not yet known.

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