Jellyfish Proves that your Sleeping Ability is not Related to the Presence of Brain

It is common thinking that sleeping ability of any living organisms is related to the presence of a brain. For performing any tasks, the signals are fired by our brain. Hence it was thought that the sleeping ability of an individual is also related to the presence of a brain.

We all are aware that recollecting memories, preserving them, removing toxins from the cells is carried out by the brain. Thus, it was thought that sleeping ability is also triggered by the brain. But now 2 Ph.D. students namely Michael Abrams and Ravi Nath have proved this hypothesis as false. They proved that even the animals like jellyfish who don’t have a brain to process their thoughts need to sleep.

They said that jellyfish don’t have a brain but still they need to sleep. These jellyfishes have a vast network of neurons which are present throughout their body, unlike other organisms in which neurons are present only in the brain. This species of jellyfish without a brain is called as Cassiopeia which needs to snooze similar to human beings.

The researchers thus proved that if the sleeping ability is not the brain because if this was true then these fishes should be staying awake always. The study related to this has been published in the journal Current Biology. These upside-down varieties of jellyfish are present in Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

During the study, the researchers have placed the cameras around this jellyfish to determine their pulsating activity 1 day. It was seen that there was a reduction in pulsating rate at a time when they were in a sleep state. Also, while sleeping their response to stimuli was also reduced. The researchers thus conclude that sleeping ability is deeply rooted within all the living organisms irrespective of whether they have presence or absence of a brain.

It is not that the presence of neurons makes them sleep. Because if this was true that even the plant species would stay awake which does not happen. One more question which could arise is that if brainless jellyfish needs to sleep then why we human beings need to sleep. As we have the presence of brain we can indulge ourselves in performing some productive tasks.

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