Pattern Lock for your Android Devices are Vulnerable to Security Breaches

Pattern lock is the most common and easy way preferred by many people for unlocking their Android device. Many people think that this is a secure way to protect their data. But this is not true. Pattern lock is actually prone to the security breaches which can hack your private data.

Security is one of the major concern nowadays. With the growing malware attacks which can even infect your device via Bluetooth, it is necessary to protect your private data. Earlier these security attacks were not so common and hence the way of unlocking your device was simple. But due to rise in the number of malware attacks protecting your device by using strong passwords, fingerprint or face recognition have become an utmost priority.

Pattern lock concept was first introduced in Android smartphones in the form of a 3×3 grid. This new study has shown how these pattern locks can give rise to vulnerabilities. This study was conducted by the researchers from the U.S. Naval Academy and the University of Maryland. This study shows how the pattern lock is easy to remember which can be memorized and recreated.

Even the person who is 5 to 6 feet away from your Android device can see the pattern lock and recreate it even if it is six-point lock pattern. This study also evaluated the effectiveness of this unlocks pattern against the traditional passcode pattern by entering a 6-digit pin. It was seen that the passcode pattern is safer and cannot be memorized easily compared to the pattern lock.

During the study involving more than 1,173 individuals, it was seen that there are 64% chances that pattern lock can be easily recreated. While in case of passcode there is only 11% chance that people can recreate the passcode. Hence it is necessary to choose the unlock pattern of your device carefully.

Even if people are using pattern lock they should use 6-point pattern which is safer or else they can opt for a 6-digit passcode. This study also reflects the importance of finding out the new ways of unlocking your Android phone as traditional methods are not quite safe.

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