Samsung Galaxy S9 may Roll out with 1,000 Frame-per-second Camera Features

Samsung, the tech giant is bringing something burning to the mobile market. According to the company, Samsung Galaxy S9, one of the ever-appreciated smartphone will hit the market with one of its astounding features. It will come with an upgraded camera presenting 1,000 frame-per-second technologies.

This is going to be a tough fight for its rival company Apple and Sony. Apple previously launched video-capture features that left Samsung in an anxious mood. The company will start its production unit of the latest smartphones till the mid of November.

Next year, January will be the time where people will start exploring their world with new Samsung Galaxy S9 mobile phone.

This is what was served previously:

Normal cameras consist of a logic board and camera sensor to clicking the pictures. The logic board is responsible for clicking the images and then handing over it to the sensor. The sensor then performs some mathematical calculations and converts it into what you can actually see on your smartphone. The image then gets stored in your phone memory.

This is what Samsung Galaxy S9 will serve:

This feature will contain image sensor that is three-layered. The complete working for latest featured camera remains same. The only thing Samsung will accumulate is a DRAM chip into the mathematical calculation carried out by the sensor. Thus, the addition of DRAM will let the camera to shoot videos at 1,000 frames-per-second.

Sony’s slow-motion feature of its latest smartphone also works on the same principle. Though image sensor of both the smartphones will be three-layered, Samsung will cost more than Sony. But the smartphone has many positive sides that lack in Sony. The latent overhead and delay times will eventually decrease in Samsung that can, in turn, improve its performance.

The only drawback with Samsung will be its error rate. Subsequently, it’s building a three-layered chip, if in case anyone chip gets faulty the entire chip sensor will collapse down. The cost of a smartphone is going to touch the sky as the time passes. So, even if you agree or disagree with the high price this is what the scenario is going to be.

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