The first Robot Carried out Dental Surgery without any Human Interference

This one is really astonishing. A robot for the first time carried out a dental surgery on a Chinese woman without any interference of a doctor. While doctors were present in the room, the robot did not seek any kind of help from them and it successfully implanted two teeth into the lady’s mouth.

The tooth surgery was successfully conducted at Xian, Shannxi Province of China. 3D printing technology was used in making this work. The technology was a cooperative collaboration between Beihang University’s robotics institute and Wuhan University Stomatological Hospital.

Both the teeth were made with the 3D printing technology. Dr. Zhao Yimin, at the hospital where the surgery was conducted, said, “The robot was pre-programmed in such a way that it carried out all the dental procedures flawlessly and performed it more efficiently as compared to humans.”

The robot was able to adjust its commands properly as and when the woman made any movements. Major movements and commands of the robot included depth and different angles of the teeth. The patient was kept under CT scan observation.

Today, China is in need of good dental surgeons. There are around 400 million people in China who need a dental surgery and a better-quality tooth. Hence, robotic surgery could be a good option for cities such as Hong Kong and Singapore.

Along with China, many other countries such as the US are coming up with their robots who can perform critical surgeries of prostate removals. This operation is being conducted by da Vinci system in the US. According to experts, a robotic surgery paves a way for the human surgeons to carry out a complex surgery with more accuracy.

Human-made errors are totally declined in the robot-assisted surgery. The only disadvantage of this sort of surgery is its safety. Robotic surgery has caused 144 deaths in the US which are actually a tiny number of all the successful surgeries carried out.

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