The Price of IPhone X which is $999 is a Value Price Says, Tim Cook

After iPhone 8, iPhone X is the next major smartphone device unveiled by the company. Although the launch of iPhone X is delayed due to supply issues, this smartphone is now available on a pre-order basis. There is a recent buzz in the market related to the price of iPhone X. Many people are saying that this device is priced much higher than their expectation. The iPhone X has a price tag of $999.

Apple iPhone X is one of the premium smartphones but the price of the device should not restrict the customers from buying it. This smartphone device was officially launched on September 12. This high starting price of iPhone X is similar to the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Note 8 which has a price tag of $930.

But the Apple CEO Tim Cook, says that the iPhone X device has a “value price” since this smartphone has excellent features to offer to the user. As the people don’t pay for a full upfront amount while purchasing the iPhone since there are many carrier subsidies and discounts, installments for the users who wish to purchase this device.

As there is a constant change taking place in the mobile technology, people wish for more and more latest feature in the device. iPhone has become an essential part of our life as it is getting equipped with latest features which are needed by the client. Also, the actual production cost for iPhone X is high due to the inclusion of new features which require enhanced technology.

Nowadays the people have become more dependent on the smartphone device for performing a different task. Many people also consider the use of the smartphone as a luxury. But the main question is whether there is so advanced in technology that the price of the smartphone has reached $999?

Apple iPhone X is equipped with new features like Face ID, bezel-less display, enhanced cameras, more cores and a new look. Also, this smartphone is not just an upgrade to the earlier iPhone versions as the feature and look of iPhone X is completely revamped.

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