China bans manufacturing and rolling out of iPhone smartphones in the country, Qualcomm wins

Qualcomm played its next move by banning the manufacturing process and sale of iPhone smartphones in China. The company has filed a case against the smartphone giant claiming obvious violations.

Qualcomm is well-known mobile chipmaker in the world. It will not only terminate manufacturing of iPhones but will also discontinue the sales process. Along with China, iPhones major market including the US and Germany also give up its sales and manufacturing process.

According to Apple, “These negotiations have been in process for many years. But, we noticed its severe impact in last few months. The case is confirmed but no further information is provided. Apple shares changed a little by 0.5 percent on $156.86 while Qualcomm came down to $52.97.

Apple defendant Qualcomm in January for overpricing the cellular wireless equipment. Apple had many hands from Asia joining to defend against Qualcomm, openings of agreement and claiming anti-competitive behavior in July. But, unfortunately, Qualcomm squeezed all the Asian companies. Company contradicts overpricing of 3G and 4G technology. This technology delivers important sources to almost all the smartphones.

Apple halted its royalty payments. This has put Qualcomm into a worrying state. It broke the record of $774m defeating Taiwan. Fair Trade Commission of Taiwan defeated Qualcomm for declining the distribution of the products to its customers.

After a deep investigation, the National Development of China and Reform Commission said, Qualcomm dishonored the anti-monopoly actin 2015. The company was charged to pay $975m and forced to make a number of changes in its process of making the chips the way it does with the other expenses.

Later, after a long investigation, they came to the conclusion of a new wave certifying contracts for Qualcomm in different provinces of China. In contrast, Apple is instigating against Qualcomm by alleging a fraction of the price of Apple’s iPhones and other different devices as a part of authorization fee.

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