iOS 11 Battery Drain Issues can be Fixed with the Help of Following Things

The next major operating system which will power all the iDevices is iOS11. This operating system is launched recently which promises to offer improved and new features which will boost the performance of the device. After upgrading their device to the latest operating system version, the iPhone and iPad users have reported battery drain issues.

The iPhone and iPad users say that by upgrading their devices to the latest iOS 11 there has been a significant slowdown in their device performance. A couple of weeks before some users have reported WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity issues in the revamped Control Center of iOS 11. The users noticed that this feature cannot completely turn off the WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. However, Apple said that this is not a drawback as WiFi connectivity is necessary for operating certain apps.

The users were worried because if they keep WiFi and Bluetooth on then their device can become the victim of malware attack. Apart from these issues crackling noise and fast draining battery life are another major issue are reported in iOS 11. Draining battery life is one of the major concern to the smartphone users and phone manufacturers are constantly working to apply a fix to this issue.

Some iPhone users have said that when they upgrade their device to latest iOS 11 their battery drains fastly. These issues may annoy users and can restrict them from upgrading their iDevices. In iOS 10 the battery life used to remain for 240 minutes and now with iOS 11, the battery life drains off within 96 minutes.

Hopefully, by considering all these, Apple will soon apply a fix to these issues. In the meanwhile, the users can follow below steps to temporarily resolve this issue. In order to resolve the battery, drain issues, tap to Settings section and then view the battery life. Simple tricks like reducing the screen brightness, reducing the auto-lock time, turning off WiFi, Bluetooth and location services can save your battery life. By disabling the visual effects, motion effects and dynamic background users can prevent the battery drainage issues.

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